It’s Okay, Regardless

Two pieces of advice for chronic worriers Photo by Burst/Unsplash This might be the best thing chronic worriers and anxious folks will read today.  For starters, you know how the mind works — you’re probably way too familiar if you consider yourself a worrier. You’re here enjoying your day, sipping wine with friends, or trying to focus on […]

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The Magic of the “I AM”

Reflections on Saint Germain’s “I AM” Discourses classic  Spiritual seekers probably have a list of books they cherish for life. Some of these books have been responsible for huge “a-ha” moments with their magical words, which fill us with inspiring discoveries that touch our souls.  I’ve read many books on meditation, New Age, and energy […]

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The Resurrection in Us

May we remember the sacrifices of many before us Who gave everything they had And the little they had left They gave us all so we could thrive and win But they forgot that they couldn’t save us all That some battles were meant to be lost Just so we realize how much we’ve had […]

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If I Had One Month to Live

Musings on the Brevity of Life I have been a spiritual seeker for decades. I have found books that inspired me, made me cry, made me angry. Books that have made me question the nature of reality and even myself. One of the spiritual book gems I’ve read recently was a classic: “The Untethered Soul” […]

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