Stepping into the Unknown: a Beautiful Lesson by the Fool



I would give anything to bring back that sense of wonder and joy I once had as a child. When I was learning to ride a bike, for example, I wasn’t concerned about falling. I was excited about the experience. I couldn’t wait to see me racing through the street without my training wheels!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could rescue that feeling of joy from when we were little? Enjoying day by day and just observing things as they unfolded?

I know it’s not realistic sometimes. Especially now, as we are facing a pandemic that seems to have no end. In general, we can’t take a lot of risks.

But we can still bring ourselves to the present moment. We can enjoy our presence with our family, our loved ones, and still count our blessings.

On times like these, the Fool, a Major Arcana tarot card, teach us a bit about our human condition, and about how to be a child from time to time. For starters, I’m not a Tarot Expert. I just love to see the archetypes and the stories behind them. I think the Tarot can teach us lessons, regardless if we believe in divination or not. These archetypes all tell us their stories, and we can be them at some point in our lives.

And what a beautiful card “The Fool” can be!

If we look at the picture of the Fool from the Rider-Waite deck, you can’t help but think of a child, or a young person. Carefree. Maybe a bit careless, too, but with a sense of wonder and no fear of the dangers of the world.

We can see the Fool walking toward the cliff, but still looking positive. The dog beside him may be warning him of the dangers, for some believe they could be represented by the mountains and the eminent abyss.

The Fool could be all of us during this pandemic. During this crazy 2020 year. 

How could we bring our mindfulness to the Fool’s journey during those difficult times? Well, what is the Fool’s journey anyway?

We actually don’t know what his journey is, and that’s the beauty of it. This card represents us when we have no destination in sight. It could mean we have been given a clean slate for new beginnings, new adventures. One step at a time, things will reveal themselves to us. The Fool urges us to return to our childlike state of not worrying so much about details. Just plunge into the unknown.

There are a lot of interpretations of this card, deeper meanings that I may never speak about or understand. But I wanted to touch the core meaning of this card in my point of view: living in the present moment with a sense of curiosity and wonder, just like a child.

The Fool simply teaches us to live more in the now. It begs us to look at everything around us with different eyes. Also, it invites us to become curious instead of reluctant.

It’s been a crazy year, and we all know it. A lot of people are dying, families are suffering from personal and financial losses. So I am not here to tell you to put a smile on your face and live in denial in unicorn land. Absolutely not! But take a look around you with the curiosity and wonder of the Fool. Have you noticed how beautiful the skies have become lately? You can see the mountains behind the smog now. I see a lot more birds flying around my neighborhood.

So why not become more like the Fool? What do we have to lose? We may not have so much security after everything that has been going on. Some of us are pretty much like the Fool now, traveling with little in his hands without no set destination. He’s got his faithful companion next to him, and we may have friends and family to guide us as well.

See the sun shining above you? Life can be wondrous after all.

Take a leap of faith now. Things will never be the same after this virus. We may find a cure, and we may all get sick too, but regardless, we won’t ever be the same. The future (and the darkness that may be in it) is inevitable. With this pandemic, a lot will change. Businesses will die or change and adapt. We will still see death, negative things, but we will also see spontaneous acts of kindness and service. We may come out of this more depressed, tired, but definitely stronger.

We have lost our sense of wonder when we learned to live more in the past and the future but not in the present.  So we have nothing to lose if you become the Fool for a little bit.

That doesn’t mean you’ll be making bad conscious decisions and not taking the right actions to avoid issues. That is, being inconsequent and naïve.

The Fool’s heart holds a different kind of naiveté. It’s about understanding that sometimes you simply do not know. Period. You don’t know what life will bring you.

Regardless of what we are going through, nothing, absolutely nothing, is too dark, too sad, or too difficult, that will stop us from seeing the world around us right now with a little tiny bit of joy. The present moment is all we have, and as of right now, where you find yourself reading this article, you could be a little bit “all right.”

The Fool’s journey is here, right now. So if right now is all we have, why not live it through the innocent eyes of a child?


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